We stock a wide variety of Glass and aluminium fittings and components such as , D&D Technologies magna latch, key lockable magna D/latch, Galvanised D/latch, Stainless Steel Deadlock, Drop Bolts, Butt Hinges, Self closing Hinges, Tru close Hinges and Stainless steel hinges, assorted size post caps, Sliding gate wheels and buffers, nylon slider blocks, large swinging gate hinges and touch up.


Magna Latch

We fit magna latches to all of our aluminum pool gates; by law this must be done. This is a safety latch that is highly advertised by Lawrie Laurence as the World’s safest swimming pool safety and security gate hardware.

Key lockable D/Latch

This is a lockable D/Latch that has a neat finish push button at the front and the latch at the back, It is lockable from both sides.

Self Closing Hinges

These hinges are used on you’re your pool gates, they are a self closing hinge which is required by law when surrounding a pool area.

Butt Hinges

These are an anodised Hinge which is powder coated the same colour as your fencing and are generally used on most types of fencing that is not in reference to pool fencing.

Stainless Steel Hinges

Our hinges are all 316 inside and out which is rust proof. They provide a provide an immaculate finish to the Glass Gate and enhance the “COMPLETELY FRAMELESS GATE”. They are a Self closing hinge which will gives piece of mind knowing that the gate will always shut behind you.

Side pull magna latch

The side pull magna latch is quiet small and fits neatly onto your Glass gate, this is spring loaded and also magnetic.

Seating Buffers

These Small Seat buffers are place on top of the stop plate on your post and underneath the glass were it meets the stop plate in your post, this stops the glass from exploding or breaking which can occur if the glass is sat directly onto the post stop.

Glazing Rubber

Glazing rubber is used either side of your glass inside your post.

Post Caps

You have a choice of either black or silver.